Air Duct Repairs and Replacement

Air Duct Repairs and Replacement in Granada Hills, CA

Unexplained high energy bills?

 Bad ductwork design can result in an unbalanced duct system, with more supply ducts than return ducts, which may ultimately cause your heating and cooling system to work harder and consume more energy. Our Granada Hills technicians can install additional return ducts to balance your ductwork and get the most out of your central heating and air conditioning system.

Are the ducts in your home leaking out conditioned air without you knowing? Your ducts, hidden from sight in your attic can become one of the biggest energy wasters in your home. Most experts agree that ductwork leaks can contribute to significant energy losses, as well as poor home comfort, and cause homeowners to pay more in energy costs than they should.

Cleaning your ducts sometimes is not enough. Over time our ducts can develop cracks and holes from dirt and debris, transitioning from hot to cold and age can wear out your ducts. Let a professional from Pacific Coast Heating and Air get you set up with quality duct work in Granada Hills, CA. Saving energy means saving money. Sealed and insulated ducts are the best way to save on your energy bills. Clean and new properly insulated ducts will pro long the life of your central HVAC system by allowing proper air flow through out the system, more air flow when you use your air conditioner less of a chance of your system freezing over the same goes with your furnace, less of a chance of it over heating or causing your Firebox or Heat Exchanger to break. Unsealed ducts can build condensation and possibly mold inside them.

Ductwork is one of those things that we typically don’t think about until it’s too late. If you don’t regularly inspect your ducts for corrosion, leaks or obstructions, you could be paying for it via high utility bills or costly repairs. Our Air conditioning and Heating Tune ups come with a FREE Ductwork Inspection

Routine maintenance of your HVAC system is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your home central HVAC system running efficiently. If it’s been a while since you replaced your ductwork, you may be long overdue for ductwork replacement. Here are 7 things to look for that will tell you if it is time to change your ducts :

  1. Your energy bills have recently began to increase for no apparent reason? Slow, steady increases in your heating and cooling bills could be the result of ductwork issues.
  2. The temperature in your home is inconsistent. If some rooms are warmer or colder than others, it could be a sign that your ductwork isn’t performing at peak capacity or leaking.
  3. You haven’t replaced your ducts in a decade or more. If it’s been more than 10 years since it’s had an overhaul, your insulation isn’t as efficient as it should be.
  4. You’ve been itching and sneezing more than normal. Dirty systems are a breeding ground for dust, mold and other allergens.
  5. It’s visibly corroding. Take a look at your duct equipment and search for any signs of rust or disconnected joints. If it looks broken or unsealed, it’s time to replace.
  6. You have an unexplained rodent problem. Mice like to hang out in central heating and cooling ducts. If you see any signs of mice or rats, you may need to change out your duct system.
  7. You’re dusting your home more often than normal. Just cleaned your table or furniture and there is dust on it so soon? that indicates that it’s time to replace your ductwork.


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