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As of 2012 the population of the San Fernando Valley was 1.77 million. Of the population 41.0% were non-Hispanic white, 41.8% were Hispanic or Latino, 4.6% were African Americans and 12.7% were Asian. According to the 2010 United States Census, The largest city located entirely in the valley is Glendale.


As you enter the City of San Fernando along picturesque, palm-lined Brand Boulevard, you discover a community rich in California history dating back almost two centuries. Named in honor of a Spanish Saint/King, San Fernando was selected for settlement long before the rest of Los Angeles. The City grew out of the ranching activities surrounding Mission de San Fernando Rey, whose graceful porticoes still stand today.

By the early 1800’s the settlement blossomed into a small trading center where farm crop, olives, wine, and thousands of livestock raised by the resident Indians were bought and sold. San Fernando enjoyed a brief gold rush in the 1840s when nuggets were discovered in a nearby canyon.

In 1874 , San Fernando became the valley’s first organized community, thus earning the title “First City of the Valley”. With the arrival of the railroad two years later, town lots soared from $10 apiece to $150.

The City of San Fernando is a community of attractive contrasts. What was once a land of farms and ranches adjoining the Mission de San Fernando Rey is now a vibrant center of manufacturing and commerce. San Fernando enjoys a sweeping view of the panoramic San Gabriel foothills and a sense of privacy; yet it is only minutes from downtown Los Angeles and only minutes away from other centers of commercial activity, thanks to a network of freeways and nearby airports. The City combines modern metropolitan conveniences with a close-knit community of friendly, civic-minded residents. Moreover, San Fernando proudly offers responsive city services, good access to city government, a large labor pool, a lower business tax than Los Angeles, and no utility tax.

A warm sunny climate and plenty of recreational activities add to the City’s drawing power. The weather is downright Mediterranean, with average rainfall of 12” – 17″ and 44% humidity. Average temperatures range from highs of 85 degrees in summer to lows of 47 degrees in winter. It’s no wonder, then, that many people are finding San Fernando an ideal place to live and work! San Fernando has a rich history and flavor with a population of 24,564.

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