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AC Repair in Stevenson Ranch

It’s that time of the year, when temperatures soar and air conditioning repair in Stevenson Ranch becomes a top priority for homeowners and businesses. Don’t wait a minute longer before calling our certified, highly trained and trusted professionals that offer 24 Hour Air Conditioner Service in Stevenson Ranch technician to assist you. Whether you need a residential or commercial unit repaired, or replaced, you can count on our NATE certified technicians to come promptly to your home. We even provide same day service when necessary. Our friendly, efficient service techs will ensure there are no issues with your air conditioner upon completion of their repair to your system, so call on us to repair your air conditioner. We provide all of Stevenson Ranch with the finest quality air conditioning service and products from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Providing superior A/C service, repair and installation is our top priority. Our technicians receive continual training to stay up to date on the latest techniques and trends. We specialize in cooling system installation from RUUD, Rheem, Trane and Lennox, but also repair all major makes and models.

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Stevenson Ranch Air Conditioning Company

When the temperature in Stevenson Ranch reaches the 100+,  cooling the residents of Stevenson Ranch and the surrounding areas is our top priority. Whether your home needs a new unit because the current unit is broken and beyond repair or if you’re seeking a new unit in order to lower your monthly utility bills, we can help you. Perhaps you have a functioning unit and would like to make certain it stays that way- sign up for a seasonal AC Tune-up. We are locally owned and operated and have been servicing the Stevenson Ranch for over 20 years, so you know you can trust us with all of your air conditioning needs.

Common Issues that require Air Conditioner Service

  • Poorly-charged air conditioning system. If an A/C system is not properly charged with refrigerant, it is unable to efficiently remove heat and cool your home.
  • The outside fan or unit is not working. The condenser fan located outside your home removes heat from the compressor and keeps refrigerant cool. The condenser fan can stop working due to a faulty capacitor, a bad motor bearing can cause it to overheat, or there may not be power to the system. If it does not run or is not spinning at full capacity, it can cause your compressor to prematurely fail, in some cases a new air conditioner has to be installed if the compressor is not in stock.
  • Insufficiently cooled rooms. This can be due to poor duct design, kinked or damaged air ducts, or an air duct leak.
  • The A/C unit is not blowing cold air. This can be can be a result of various issues, including the following:
    • Lack of power to the system or compressor
    • Dead thermostat batteries
    • A low system charge
  • Dirty air filters (Note: Dirty air filters can cause many system malfunctions. Air filters should be changed periodically- typically every 3-6 months in some cases monthly.)

The Best AC Service Available in Stevenson Ranch!

We have been serving Stevenson Ranch for more than 20 years. We are proud to be a locally-owned and operated company, and understand the importance of treating our customers the right way. Give us a call to schedule your Air Conditioning Repair today!

Air Conditioning Repair Stevenson Ranch

We are your local air conditioning repair and service experts in Stevenson Ranch, CA. You can trust our team of professional air conditioning repair experts with your next service or installation. We have great deals on annual maintenance that can help protect the life of your hard working AC unit. The heat in the Stevenson Ranch area can be brutal, so don’t take your chances with whether or not your AC is running efficiently or without problems.


AC Tune up – Air Conditioner Maintenance in Stevenson Ranch

If your air conditioner needs seasonal maintenance, contact us at (661) 282-2169. We recommend having maintenance done on your A/C to prevent expensive air conditioner repair bills. Having an AC Tune-up done allows our service technicians to run through your entire system clean parts, change filters and test parts to prevent future break downs. Professional service by a trained technician will ensure that your system runs at peak efficiency for years to come. Among other benefits, regular maintenance reduces energy consumption and ensures peak performance.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched by other air conditioning companies. We aim to improve overall system performance through accurate A/C repair and annual maintenance. If your cooling system breaks down unexpectedly, We are available 24 hours a day for emergency service. With Stevenson Ranch warm summers, it is imperative to have an efficient air conditioning system. Contact our comfort specialists for the best A/C repair and service in Stevenson Ranch! To schedule service online click here to schedule service

Installing New Air Conditioner in Stevenson Ranch

With major equipment such as your home comfort air conditioner, we tend to do everything possible to repair them before determining that a replacement or change out of your air conditioning system is necessary. The need for a replacement usually comes after you’ve had your system for many years often times more than 10 years old, or when it has been used excessively and cannot be repaired any longer. Our service technicians only recommend replacing your air conditioner when you are experiencing constant repairs that no longer keep it working properly and would be a waste of your money. Our FREE in home installation estimate to replace your old Air Conditioner is no pressure estimate.

Why Choose Us?

We are a family owned and operated heating and air conditioning company. We specialize in residential heating and air conditioning equipment replacement, installation and repair. We carefully measure your home, calculate air flow, and consult with you about any special needs you may have, before making equipment recommendation. Our installers will protect your home with drop cloths. We don’t leave until we fully cycle and test your new air conditioner. It’s important that your air conditioning & heating system function properly together. So each cycle is fully tested, both air conditioning & heating. Periodically installations or replacements maybe selected for our quality control supervisor to inspect. Photos are taken and used during our weekly training sessions. We will take into consideration your time, budget, and family needs, and give you a few recommendations allowing you to decide which air conditioner brand is best for you.

The Benefits Of AC Replacement Include:

  • Better air quality
  • More eco-friendly
  • Lower energy bills
  • Quiet air conditioner
  • Solve inconsistent air flow problems
  • Warranty on your new Air conditioner
  • Peace of mind and more.
  • Free estimates on replacement or installations
  • Around the clock service, Prompt and on Time service

At Pacific Coast Heating and Air we are here to make your life easier. We are dedicated to assisting you with your indoor air quality and comfort needs with respect to your health, budget, and the environment. If your system is between 10 and 20 years old and you are experiencing high utility bills or inconsistent performance, we recommend scheduling a professional evaluation of your existing system to determine if maintenance (such as ductwork repairs, or wear and tear parts) or replacement is the best course of action.

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