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Heating Service Canoga Park, CA

Let us Prepare you for the cold weather in Canoga Park, CA

$139 Heater Tune-up

Winter time is here, residents in the Canoga Park, CA area are preparing for this up and coming COLD WINTER TIME. Before sliding your thermostat to HEAT it is recommended to have your Heater serviced to prevent costly Heater Repairs in Canoga Park.

PACIFIC COAST is running a Winter special in Canoga Park, $139 for a complete Heater Tune-up. This annual Heating maintenance will make sure your furnace is running Efficiently and SAFE. Regular maintenance save homeowners money on unwanted repairs, which usually occur on the coolest nights, when the system is at maximum use.

During a tune-up minor repairs can be made, preventing expensive heater replacement needs in the future. Scheduled maintenance will guarantee your Heater will run safely while at optimum efficiency. Dirty filters and components cause your Heating system to work HARDER and OVER HEAT. Raising utility bills and costing homeowners more money.

Our service technicians will perform a 20 point professional check up of your Furnace takes approximately 60-90 minutes for our technicians to perform. The Heater tune-up involves checking that all components are functioning properly and cleaning of the Heating system. We are available for 24 hour emergency Heater Repair in Canoga Park.

Check Mark Clean or replace 1″ filters as needed Check Mark Tighten all electrical connections
Check Mark Check for proper thermostat function Check Mark Inspect safety devices and Gas Valve for proper operation
Check Mark Monitor volts/amps on Blower motor Check Mark Inspect electrical for exposed wiring
Check Mark Inspect blower motor for bearing wear Check Mark Check for Carbon Monoxide
Check Mark Take amperage reading on blower motor Check Mark Heat exchanger camera inspection
Check Mark Test blower motor capacitor Check Mark Check for gas leakage
Check Mark Check blower motor bearings Check Mark Measure temperature difference-supply/return
Check Mark Check blower for proper speed Check Mark Inspect duct work for energy loss
Check Mark Inspect blower / Return air flow Check Mark Measure and adjust gas pressure to manufacturer specifications
Check Mark Vacuum blower compartment Check Mark Test ignition system for proper operation

To Schedule Your Heater Tune-up, CALL: (818) 888-3968