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How to protect your A/C for the Winter

In Southern California a working air conditioner is a luxury. Our summers are always hot and it seems that within the last couple of years they’ve gotten much hotter within the last few years summer temperatures have peaked at 116 degrees in the San Fernando Valley and reaching the 100’s in Ventura County.

With the summer months coming to a close and the discolored leaves of fall making their way back into the yard, it’s time to show some love to our good ol’ friend the “Air Conditioner”. He doesn’t require much to stay in tip top shape over the winters southern California throws at us, but these four tips will pay help protect your air conditioner during winter time.

1) Remove any unneeded objects near your air conditioning unit, they often times make it difficult for your A/C to work at maximum efficiency. Things such as tree limbs, plants, and other plant life above your unit should be trimmed  to avoid clogging your air conditioners fans. With winter winds blowing in already, the beautiful trees you enjoyed this past year find a way of returning the favor by dropping their leaves right into your air conditioner. Guess Mother Nature’s not a fan of controlled climate eh?

2) Visually inspect you air conditioners connection tubing for cracks, rust, or missing parts. Believe us, an inexpensive repair now before Winter is nothing compared to a new unit come Spring. When rain, sleet, snow, and ice have had a chance to truly test the pipes for the better part of five months.

3) Protect your air conditioner from falling dirt and debris with a cheap piece of plywood.

4) Tighten up all nuts and bolts. You wouldn’t believe the chaos a loose bolt can cause when it goes rocketing off.

Please keep in mind most anyone can perform these repairs, but if you’re in doubt you can always give us a call to check out your air conditioning unit we service the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita and Ventura County area. We’re the best in the business and we are available any time, take advantage of that. When you’ve gotten home from work, had that hot cup of hot chocolate, and are in the perfect spot on the couch, give us a ring.