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Where is the Air Filter Located in My HVAC System?

Learn where the air filter is so you can change it with ease

We applaud you for taking the first step in improving the quality of air your HVAC system circulates throughout your home along with ensuring the reliability and reducing your HVAC systems energy usage.

Finding the air filter can be a tricky process depending on the set up of your home or business. If you have a traditional HVAC system, you can try a few easy steps below.

  • Find and locate your the largest register/grill in your home or business that draws air in.
  • If you have a filter in your return grill. Congrats you found your air filter, find the size and replace or wash your air filter. If you did not find your air filter continue below.
  • To continue looking for your air filter, try to find and locate your indoor unit either your Furnace or Air Handler. Typically located in the Attic, Basement, Utility Closet, Garage,  Upstairs Hallway Closet. Somewhere near there you will see either a filter door or if located inside your equipment you will have to remove the doors. Before removing the doors safely unplug your heating system and replace or wash filter.
  • If you have a Rooftop Packaged Unit some of these systems can contain the filter inside the HVAC system, in this case we would strongly recommend calling an HVAC professional or looking up the instructions for your HVAC equipment.

Need help finding your filter? If you’re stumped, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with a local HVAC Contractor. They can help you locate your air filters and show you how to change them, so it’ll be easier on your next filter change.