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Reduction in Utility and Air Conditioner Repair bills

Preventing Air conditioner Repair Bills

With brutal heat waves hitting southern California this year, many people running their air conditioners around the clock. What will your air conditioner repair cost you? Can it be prevented?. In fact it can with preventative maintenance , heating and air conditioning in a home takes a whopping 43% bite from monthly utility bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

“This time of year homeowners are listening to the sound of their air conditioner running day and night as they visualize their bank accounts draining,” says Jose Garcia, a service technician for Pacific Coast Heating and Air. “However, there are definitely ways homeowners can save energy and reduce their air conditioner repair bills.”

Here are five tips from Pacific Coast Heating and Air to help San Fernando Valley and Ventura County residents slash their energy bills and reduce Air conditioner Repairs while staying cool:

1.    Change air filters.
Simply changing an air conditioning filter every three months will save energy and money as well as ensure an HVAC system is not overworked and homeowners breathe cleaner air.

2.    Get an annual check-up.
An annual tune-up will ensure an air conditioning system is maintained year-round. A professional HVAC contractor can diagnose any inefficiencies before a homeowner wastes money on monthly utility bills. A check-up will also reduce the risk of experiencing common malfunctions during hot summer days when an HVAC system works its hardest. Having your air conditioner repaired or serviced before summer will help prevent you from waiting a few days to have someone go to your home to fix your unit.

3.    Buy Energy Star
When it’s time to replace an air conditioning unit, efficiency matters. According to the Department of Energy, replacing an older room air conditioner with a new unit can cut energy costs in half. When buying a new HVAC system look for a high-energy-efficiency ratio (EER) or an Energy Star qualified unit which will use about 14% less energy than minimum government standards.

4.    Use a programmable thermostat.
Using a programmable thermostat wisely year-round can save homeowners up to $150 annually, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. These thermostats allow homeowners to program thermostats to increase temperatures during the day when the house is empty and at night to help homeowners save money during hot summer months.

5.    Plant trees and shrubs to provide shade for outdoor air conditioning units.
Use landscaping to provide shade but still allow air to flow around the HVAC unit. By property shading the unit, an HVAC system can perform up to 10% more efficiently and reduce the number of air conditioner repair. However, make sure plants and trees are not too close to the unit so your Air conditioner repair technician can service it when necessary.

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