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When Do I Need To Replace My AC?

When Do I Need AC Replacement?

AC replacement is not always the answer. Sometimes a simple repair can do the job just fine for the time being. But, you want to be sure. You never want to pay for a costly repair that’s only going to last for a little while.

On some occasions, AC replacement is the smarter choice. Some of these occasions may be when:

  • Your system is entirely too inefficient. As your air conditioner ages, it will begin to become less effective and more expensive to operate. Don’t pay out of pocket for air conditioning that isn’t even providing adequate comfort!
  • You need too many repairs. Do you need professional repair often? That isn’t normal and it’s costing you entirely too much! Don’t waste money on regular repair when you can simply replace.
  • Your indoor air quality is suffering. Repair can help, but when it’s too far gone a replacement is going to be your only solution for a healthy home.
  • Your system is old. When your AC is over 10 years old, problems can start to occur and efficiency will be at an all-time low. Your energy bill alone could be bleeding out your bank account and a timely replacement will provide better cooling and more comfort at less cost.