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When to Call for AC Repair?

When to Call for AC Repair? Common S.O.S AC Signs

Air conditioning, like any household appliance, can suffer from major breakdowns and malfunctions. Through maintaining and monitoring your central HVAC System, you will be able to rectify any arising issues and continue to enjoy a cool home that you love.

Here are some of the most common AC signs that you need to be concerned about:

-Your air conditioning makes an abnormal noise

It is a common symptom and easy to notice. It is often the case that the abnormal noise is accompanied by a distinct odor or an underlying issue of your air conditioning system. The problem in these cases is usually that the air conditioner’s dust filter is dirty and restricting air. It is then necessary, depending on the state of the filter, to clean or replace it.

-Your air conditioner is leaking

A problem of leakage in an air conditioner can cause major damage to your home or equipment, but once detected, it alerts you to react quickly, so that the water does not do much harm. Usually, the natural condensation of the evaporator of the air conditioner flows into a condensate pan and is then discharged continuously through the drain pipe. But if the air conditioner leaks all over the place, then it’s clearly abnormal. Very quickly and before any intervention, you must unplug the device or cut power to it. Then our technicians can identify the cause of the leak.
A common cause is the lift pump may be worn or broken. It is also possible that the air conditioner drain hose is clogged with dirt or damaged.

-Your air conditioning is no longer cooling

Your air conditioner may stop working altogether. It may be a problem of remote control: it is sometimes enough to change the batteries so that everything works again in the blink of an eye.
It can also be a problem in the programming of the air conditioner. A programming error can cause the unit to operate on incorrect schedules. It can happen, especially in case of hot weather, that the air conditioner is programmed in “eco mode”, and no longer has the strength to function properly. If you have checked everything and the air conditioner still does not work, it means that the air inlet or outlet is clogged, or that the problem is in the house’s electricity meter fuses or in the air conditioners breakers.
The moment may have come, to correctly identify the cause of the problem you may need to call a professional. They will be sure to provide your air conditioner with the right spare parts, and they will quickly be able to have your equipment in proper operating conditions.

-Your air conditioning is overheating

In case of overheating, not only will your air conditioner function less, but it will usually make an unusual noise. A time of rest and cooling of the motors will be enough to eliminate the noise and to give again the machine the desire to function correctly. However, if the problem repeats itself too often, you will need to call a professional, who will thoroughly examine if there is not a more severe problem.

Call a professional

Even if you have the most up-to-date AC equipment, It is always encouraged to let the professionals handle this business as they’re most knowledgeable about your specific equipment and the requirements it needs to keep running efficiently.
Call the right team of experts, our team can present you with all options, and what’s ideal for you.